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How to Handle Counter Offers


The golden rule of counter offers is that good employers will never offer them, and smart employees never accept them. There are many reasons for declining a counter:

You never want to advance your career through force.

If you have to solicit an offer and threaten to quit each time you want to get better treatment from your employer, you're probably better off going to an employer who appreciates their staff and rewards them appropriately.

You are perceived as a security risk and disloyal to the employer.

After you have demonstrated yourself as disloyal by looking for other opportunities, you will lose your status as a team player, and your motives will always be questioned.

Since all signs point to trouble by accepting a counteroffer, we'll now cover some of the ways to avoid a counteroffer situation:

If it seems as if you are walking into a counteroffer situation (i.e.: your exit interview is suddenly scheduled), you need to take command as soon as you have evidence that the conversation is heading toward a counteroffer.

Politely interrupt with a statement such as "The last thing that I want to be inferred from my resignation is that I am trying to blackmail you into keeping me. After doing my own thorough investigation, I've simply found a situation that I can't pass up. I hope you respect that." You may also want to again offer any help you may be able to provide to ensure a smooth transition before your departure.

Sometimes an experienced employer will try to use emotional tactics to keep an employee from leaving. They know how to push the right buttons to try to turn the situation to their advantage.

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